Hayes/PMC Safety Pledge

It is the intent of Hayes/PMC to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all employees. Our goal of achieving compliance with OSHA statutory regulations relating to employee health and safety can only be met through mutual cooperation and participation. Hayes/PMC has an outstanding safety record and safety program, with zero fatalities. We’re proud of that record. That’s why we pledge the following to our employees and our customers:

The best reasons for protecting your individual safety can be found at home. Your family, your children, your loved ones, all count on you. We want to make sure you are there for them. That’s why we keep in mind why you work in the first place… and help you make the most of life through safe practices on the job.

We understand that to live life to the fullest starts with protecting yourself while on the job. At Hayes/PMC, our goal is to help you achieve yours. We all know that what you do for a living could be seriously derailed by an accident. All your goals can go up in smoke if you are injured and disabled.

Hayes/PMC’s safety program is designed to help you reach your goals. It is not there just to make your work harder, or slower, or to meet some governmental guidelines. Safety and accident prevention programs are designed to PROTECT YOU so that you may reach your personal goals. When an unsafe act is pointed out to you, it is done so to help you by eliminating obstacles or job hindrances AND to insure that you get home all in one piece.

Every time you approach a project, every time you pick up a tool, every time you start a piece of equipment or machinery, think SAFETY. Look for what can go wrong and eliminate that possibility BEFORE your goals come to an abrupt end.

At Hayes/PMC, we want to help you achieve your goals in life… and it all starts with Safety First.


PMC Assists With Local Toy Drive 12.10.2012

PMC is pleased to once again be a part of the Great Circle – Boys & Girls Town Holiday Toy Drive.  Each year, Great Circle collects hundreds of wish lists from the children they help. Whether those children are residing at one of their regional campuses or in a foster